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Citizenship Classes

These classes are taught by the director, Audrey Korol.

Her message:

“Becoming a citizen of the United States, the country which has given me so much, was an unforgettable experience. Unfortunately, gaining citizenship can be a stressful process if you don’t prepare in advance and speak basic English. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I can guide you through the process, tailoring my classes to your needs, so you can forge ahead at a pace that is right for you. I will take you step by step, from the Civics (History and Government) questions, through writing and reading, plus answering questions about the N-400 application in English”.

Haven't taken the citizenship test yet?

Do you not know the advantages that being a citizen gives you?
Or is it the fear of facing it that paralyzes you?

Whatever the case, we are going to list some good reasons to start taking action.

A citizen cannot be deported.

Did you know that as a resident if you commit a crime, even a minor one, you can lose your status and face deportation?

Do you have a loved one living in another country, waiting for your status to change so they can come?

With a residence you can only apply for your spouse and children (there are a limited number of visas per year). As a citizen you will be able to include not only spouses and children, parents and siblings as well.

The American passport represents for the immigrant a dream come true.

You can be outside as long as you want to be. Travel without limitations and with the security of having guaranteed entry. For many nationalities there are requirements to meet and visas to enter other countries. As a resident you have to be careful and not spend time outside the United States, because your green card can be revoked.

Children under the age of 18 AUTOMATICALLY become US citizens

When your legally custodial and permanent resident parents become citizens, they benefit too.


Do you want to see changes in the laws and in your community? Voting is a way to participate. It is a citizen’s right and a great responsibility.

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These 3 graduates of our school
These 3 graduates of our school are fluent in English and working in English only environments daily. Communicating in English opens doors for your future!

Left to right: Owner and teacher ar EZ Learning Language institute, a Behavioral Health merger and acquisition specialist and a Medical Office Manager.
These 3 graduates of our school
Zeze Perera from Brazil
She's the best teacher I've ever had. I've lived here for 20 years and had a hard time learning. I hadn't had such a great teacher. She taught me so well and I'm so thankful, she helped me a lot to prepare for the citizenship test with her patience. If it hadn't been for her, I wouldn't be an American citizen. She is the best!

Ela e a melhor professora que ja tive ,tenho muita dificuldade em aprender ja moro aqui tem 20 anos e nao tinha pego uma professora tao boa que me ensinasse tao bem tudo que sei agradeço a ela ,me ajudou muito na prova da cidadania se nao foce ela com toda paciência nao teria hoje meu certificado de cidadão americana ,ela e a melhor
Zeze Perera from Brazil
Clesio Bastos
I, Clesio couldn't stop thanking her. She's a teacher with strong ability and patience helping older people. Congratulations my dear teacher.

Eu Clesio não poderia deixar, de dar meu obrigado. E uma professora com uma psicologia de capacidade e paciência,no ensinamento na terceira idade. Parabéns minha querida professora.
Clesio Bastos