Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is perfectly situated in the middle of winter to bring the warmth of love and friendship to our hearts.  It is a day to celebrate love, but also a day to celebrate friendships.

Winter days seem to stretch on and on after the excitement of Christmas is over.  It’s easy to feel stuck at home but being able to go to English class brings cheer during the winter weeks. It’s warm and welcoming in the school, and we get to enjoy our friends and classmates as we work together toward a common goal of improving our English. 

It’s so much fun to meet people from different countries and learn about life beyond our own communities. Some of the people we meet at EZLC will be just classroom friends, but some become good friends for life.    

As teachers, memories of all of the students that have passed through our classes hold a special place in our hearts. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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