Back to School

Back to School

Routines.  Like the seasons, life is ever changing and yet we crave the stability of routines.  We come to expect the sun rising in the morning and setting every evening, an occasional thunderstorm but mostly blue skies and birds whistling happy tunes.  Then something comes along and upsets our expectations.  A hurricane hits, a volcano erupts, a family member passes, a drunk driver causes a life-changing accident.  From years of human experience, we have a sense of how to handle such life interruptions.  But a pandemic?  Is there anyone on the planet who remembers the last one?  The COVID-19 virus has upset many routines, including back to school.

Children returning to school is a time-honored tradition for many families.  For some, it is a milestone in parenting when their child steps onto that yellow bus for the first time.  Regardless of a child’s age, the stay-at-home adult sees them off on day one, takes a deep breath, holds it but a moment and then exhales relief, joy, sadness, and maybe even more than a little fear.  With the current societal lockdown, however, few students are actually returning to the classroom.  Moms, dads, and caretakers everywhere are scrambling for solutions to a myriad of problems ranging from ensuring their children continue to receive a quality education, to finding childcare which allows parents to continue working.  Who gets to use the computer when?  How does the grocery shopping get done?  How can I possibly continue my own education in the middle of all this? 

Here’s the truth:  the sun doesn’t really rise, nor does it set.  It only appears to from our limited earth-bound point of view.  Take a moment to step away from the appearance of chaos in your household and reason your way into a routine that works for you, not against you.  Go with the changing routine, taking advantage of opportunities to improve your way of being.  As the leaves begin falling from the trees portending another seasonal shift, take another deep breath knowing that you are stronger than the COVID virus.  The earth will continue revolving around the sun bringing with it changes for which we make adjustments every day of our lives.  Is today really any different?  It is…if you let it.

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