Phrasal Verbs CAN Be Learned!

Moksha Patam.  Snakes and Ladders.  Chutes and Ladders.  No matter the name, the game is the same…roll the dice…advance from square to square making your journey from start to finish.

When you land on a space with a ladder, you excitedly leap ahead reveling in your good fortune.  But land on a snake and you plummet back to where you began.  Doesn’t learning English often feel just like that???

You’re working hard, making huge advances and then you hear a phrasal verb, an idiomatic expression, or collocation and you feel as if you’re right back where you started.

Let me reassure you that phrasal verbs CAN be learned!  More importantly, they can be mastered.  But what does ‘mastery’ mean?  If your goal is communication – to understand English speakers and be understood by them, then recognition is more important than memorization.   Take a look at my Instagram for a starting point and begin climbing those ladders!

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